Brian Hoffman Remembering Red - a Tribute to Red Skelton - February 4th, 2022

February 4, 2022 6:00PM


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Odd Number Seats 100 Series Seats Even Number Seats

Brian Hoffman''''''''''''''''s career started as a way to relieve stress and break up the monotony that life sometimes throws at a person. 

Years of Over-the-Road truck driving, door-to-door cold call direct sales, then moving on to become a used car salesman and finally a Service Writer at a 5 Star Dodge dealership gave Brian Hoffman the perfect material to work with. 

Real life is funnier than make believe and Brian took his life experiences to the stages of comedy clubs and open mic nights all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and parts of Michigan

Performing in many of the local Comedy Clubs once or twice a year was not enough to satisfy the joy of making people laugh. Brian started booking his own gigs for small companies and private organizations. 

Brian Hoffman would scout open mic nights for talented up and coming acts knowing that the only way to perfect an act is to do an act. His ability to recruit beginners and help fine tune their routines made him a favorite returning act for many of the clubs and lodges where he performed

Brian''''''''''''''''s comedic delivery was very similar in style to a major comedy genius, Richard (Red ) Bernard Skelton

Celebrity Impersonator shows usually consist of "Singing Tribute Artists" such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and lately Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga

Brian took the road less traveled to re-create one of the greatest comedy legends in America. His comedy career of impersonating Red Skelton has not only allowed him to perform in Las Vegas, the "Entertainment Capitol of the World", but travel and entertain baby boomers all over the United States.

 His ability to look, walk and sound like Red Skelton takes the audiences back in time and sometimes forget that they are not watching the "Real Red Skelton" 

As Red would say at the end of his show

"Goodnight for now and may God bless" S2